Archetypes and Patterning
(Deepen your understanding of who you are
...and change your life)

I invite each one of you who has the desire and the courage to intimately connect to yourself, your essence, your soul to join me on a journey of discovery. A journey that takes you into the heart of your psyche and shows you how your wounding, patterns and subconscious beliefs influence your thoughts, self-image and relationships. A journey that has the potential to facilitate a reclaiming of your essential nature.

This is a course of intense self-discovery that will highlight the following for you:

  • What patterns are and how they are created
  • What your patterning is (inherited from your family, brought in form past lives or created due to trauma and experiences in your current life)
  • The behavior associated with your patterning and how this behavior affects all of your relationships
  • Archetypes, what they are, how they are connected to your patterning, their shadows and how to bring your archetypes into balance
  • What defense mechanisms you use in your daily interaction with others. These defense mechanisms are usually used subconsciously and therefore you keep on acting out your patterning
Tools to start clearing your patterning and bringing yourself into wholeness will be taught on this workshop. Classes are small, interactive and experiential. 

WHEN : Please mail me for up-coming dates
The workshop comprises 8 day classes on one Sat/Sun a month for 8 months.
TIME : 10h00 - 16h00
WHERE : Further information will be provided once you have coinfirmed
COST : R500 per class
PLEASE NOTE : Bring and share lunch.

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