Individual Sessions for Adults

Metaphysical Counselling
and Astral Healing

Metaphysical healing is based on the individual needs of each client in order to guide them back to a place of balance and empowerment. This could include clearing and balancing all of the energy centers (chakras), opening the meridians, spinal clearing, soothing, balancing and clearing the first three layers of the aura and removing attachments and negative energy. Astral healing is used to identify and process old negative patterning in order to move towards wholeness and an increase in consciousness.


Spiritual Counselling

Spiritual counselling can help to identify old mental, emotional and spiritual patterns that needs to be processed in order for the individual to move towards wholeness and balance.  It can include Astral healing in order to bring about an awakening or strengthening of consciousness. 


Trauma Counselling

After a traumatic experience, trauma debriefing is essential in order to release shock, anxiety and fear.  It helps to clear the energy of the victim and bring about empowerment as a survivor.



During a channelling session a connection is made with the client’s guide or deceased loved one and information is then passed on from the guide to the client.

Space Clearing

The dense and negative energy is removed from private homes or businesses using a combination of energy work and shamanic practices.

R600 at your home
R1,200 at your business

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