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Andean Tradition
The Andean Tradition originated in the Andes mountains in South America and dates back about 14,000 years.

It is a shamanic tradition that teaches us how to consciously and deeply commune with the elements of earth, water, air, fire as well as with Mother Nature. I am a Master in this tradition and a member of the Order of Inkari in South Africa.

Shamanic healing and ceremony form a big part of my healing practice. Healing is done intuitively after connecting to Spirit, Mother Earth and the energy of the four listed elements.

A brutal hijacking during September 2001 triggered my interest in trauma, how it affects the body and how to help the victims of a traumatic event to recover. I have a BA Honours Degree in Psychology with a specialisation in Trauma.

Many of my clients have experienced traumatic events during the course of their everyday lives. These events include divorce, life-threatening illness, death, retrenchment, separation, marital affairs, financial difficulties etc. Conventional methods of trauma debriefing as well as alternative methods such as Metaphysical counselling, hypnosis and energy healing can be used in conjunction with each other to help the client recover from a traumatic experience.The method or methods that will be used depends on the preference of each individual client.

I also see many clients that have experienced crime-related trauma. Crime-related trauma can include hijacking, smash-and-grab, armed robbery, attempted murder, murder, rape, sexual abuse, spousal abuse and family violence. I volunteered for the Community Policing Forum which is affiliated with the Honeydew Police Station for 18 months.

I am a Reiki Master in both the Eastern and Western lineages. I started practicing Reiki during 2005 and see clients for healing on a daily basis. Reiki can be combined with Metaphysical healing, hypnosis, meditation and counselling. Reiki is a hands-on energy healing modality that heals on an emotional, mental, physical and spiritual level. I also teach classes in Reiki Jin Kei Do.

I trained with the South African Institute of Hypnotherapy and have qualified as a Master Hypnotist.I use hypnosis to help clients heal from traumatic experiences as well as for a variety of other issues such as weight loss, memory enhancement, stress release, exam preparation, insomnia, communication with spiritual guides etc.

Metaphysical Counselling and Astral Healing
I have found metaphysical counselling and astral healing to greatly enhance and speed-up the healing process. Old patterns are identified and then cleared from the mental, physical, emotional and spiritual bodies. Fear is removed from the individual and their consciousness is expanded as counselling progresses.

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